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    We love...love...love what we do! And, because of our passion, our designs translates the most intricate detail and quality in each piece by Donna Italiana.


    We strive to use the finest quality materials in the industry to craft each Donna Italiana piece so that your jewelry can be worn daily and treasured. Each piece receives three layers of the precious fine gold. The first layer is covered with 24k gold to sealed any contact from the raw jewelry to the surface. The second layer and the thickest is well known in Italy by the Italians because of its quality and durability. The 18k gold goes on the top of the 24k gold piece and serves as the main coat, giving the quality name of Donna Italiana jewelry. Finally, a thin layer of the 22k gold serves as a finish in each piece, with the purpose of giving a nice luster and quality. 


    Every Donna Italiana piece is hypoallergenic, manufacture free of Nickel, which is responsible for the allergy vastly caused on inexpensive custom jewelry market. Signs of greenish color on your gold plated or fashion jewelry means low quality product. We are 100% behind our product and have a full refund policy if any allergy is felt. 

    Jewelry Care

    Clean all pieces with a soft dry cloth to remove any sweat or chemicals such as hair spray or perfume and store it in the provided jewelry pouch.